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Explore Midnight’s dedicated Developer Hub and learn how to build on the Midnight network.

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Dive into the core concepts of Midnight and learn how to start building data protection smart contracts.

Need test tokens?

Test transactions on Midnight with tDUST test tokens.

tDUST tokens only exist for the purpose of facilitating transactions within the devnet environment and have no value attached to them.


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  • Build the next generation of data protection apps.
  • Share your feedback and insights to improve the blockchain.
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Meet other builders at a Midnight hackathon

Team up with other developers from the Midnight community to bring your ideas to life and compete to win prizes for solving problems.

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Why Midnight?

Reasons to build on Midnight


Implement zero-knowledge technology with common programming languages, like TypeScript.


Meet your organization’s unique compliance and business needs.


Protect sensitive and confidential data by keeping it in the hands of its owners.