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Empowering data protection apps

Our ground-breaking new data protection blockchain will empower regulation-friendly apps that safeguard sensitive commercial and personal data. Developers and organizations can quickly build innovative apps with a novel and easy-to-use programming model based on Typescript, and zero-knowledge proofs.

Why Midnight?

Data is being created at an exponential rate as people and companies interact in the digital world. Todays apps and machines have access to sensitive and confidential data which are vulnerable to leaks and hacks, harming both organizations and individuals.

There is a better way. Midnight keeps sensitive data in the control of the owner, while respecting the need for regulatory compliance. People and businesses are free to achieve their full potential, knowing their most important assets identity, property and actions are protected.

We believe data protection, compliance, and transparency are essential to unleash the next evolution of the global digital economy.
Lets build better apps with Midnight.

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Meet the team

Eran Barak

Eran Barak - CEO


Marta Szluinska

Marta Szluinska - Director of Operations

Director of Operations

Anthony Day

Anthony Day - Head of Strategy & Marketing

Head of Strategy & Marketing

Thomas Ubermeier

Thomas Ubermeier - Head of Software Engineering

Head of Software Engineering

Vanishree Rao

Vanishree Rao - Head of Applied Cryptography

Head of Applied Cryptography

Jon Rossie

Jon Rossie - Head of Architecture

Head of Architecture


Find the answer to commonly asked questions about Midnight and the devnet.

Midnight is a ground-breaking data protection blockchain. Developers can quickly, easily, and securely build regulation-friendly apps that safeguard personal and commercial data.


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