Introducing Unshielded: A blockchain and data podcast by Midnight

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Midnight has some exciting news to share today. Unshielded, a new video podcast series showcasing Midnight's technology, community, and the wider data protection ecosystem is now live and available to stream.

Unshielded will regularly feature members of the Midnight community, along with leading developers, engineers, cryptographers, and data privacy experts who are reimagining how zero-knowledge technology can help create a more equitable internet and foster adoption of blockchain technology.

Unshielded’s first season will feature exclusive interviews with the Midnight team, including a two-part whiteboard special with Charles Hoskinson. The video format will allow guests to visually explain and simplify complex concepts, providing a richer and more engaging experience for viewers.

Episodes 1-3 are available to stream now

Unshielded Season 1 LiveUnshielded Season 1 Live

Ep. 1 The Midnight Origin Story with Charles Hoskinson (part 1)

The opening edition of Unshielded features IOG founder and CEO Charles Hoskinson to discuss the origins of Midnight, its unique technological innovations, and the challenges of maintaining privacy in blockchain transactions.

Charles treats the audience to one of his trademark whiteboard sessions to break down the basic concepts behind Midnight.

Tune in to discover how Midnight integrates identity, private smart contracts, and multi-resource consensus to facilitate decentralized, compliant, and private transactions.

Ep. 2 The Future of Blockchain: Interoperability, Privacy, and User Experience with Charles Hoskinson (Part 2)

In part 2, Charles continues his whiteboard session to illustrate a key Midnight use case, showcasing the benefits of Midnight and highlighting how it can enhance privacy and utility without compromising security. He then discusses the role of Midnight as a Cardano partner chain, and how Midnight can enable data protection for other blockchains.

Tune in to hear a visionary perspective on building secure, interoperable blockchain solutions.

Ep. 3 Bringing Midnight to the Masses: Scaling a Data Protection Blockchain with Eran Barak

The third episode of Unshielded features Midnight's CEO Eran Barak, who shares Midnight’s mission and the fundamental need for data protection. Anthony and Eran discuss the data protection dilemma that businesses have when considering blockchain services and what Midnight is doing differently to address enterprise adoption. Eran then presents a tangible use case for Midnight, where he walks the audience through how centralized internet applications use data today and how decentralized applications on Midnight can use zero-knowledge technology to leverage data without compromising security.

Bonus: Eran loves analogies and movies! You might catch a few movie references in his simplified explanations in this episode.

Don’t miss out on new episodes

Upcoming episodes of Unshielded’s first season will feature exclusive interviews with Jonathan Sobel, a Midnight Architect, and Mauricio Magaldi, Head of Product at Midnight, who will explore the drivers behind Midnight's development and examine the significant role of zero-knowledge technology in advancing blockchain capabilities.

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You can now stream Unshielded on YouTube or your preferred podcast platform. Head over to the Unshielded website now to watch the first episodes, learn more about the series, and subscribe to stay notified about future episodes.